Sophisticated Engine Bolts / Pins

Sophisticated Engine Bolts

Specially threaded automotive components

Screw Top for Ball Joint Assembly

Battery and Motor Parts for EV and Hybrid vehicles

Cold Forged Suspensions / Pin Bolts

Fastening systems backed up with high-grade technologies

Automotive bolts and pins are required a high reliability and a high safety in there quality, because of there decisive influence on safety of life.
Our suggestion on your evolutional fastening system is available anytime and in any manner possible.
Our R&D enables us to take strong measures to an important issue of delayed fraction for high-strength bolt, and any issues on any other structure.

Precise Cold forging / Processing technology products /
Torque Control / One Sided Fastening System

High-precision Cold Forged Gear

Shear-tight Bolts & System

Warm / Cold forged mounting parts

Hot forged suspension associated parts

Catch & tight bolts System

Production in Sannohashi's own fashion

Sannohashi's insatiable challenges to further development of techniques have created many Sannohashi's original techniques and products.
These products prove that Sannohashi's persistent enthusiasm to artifices and techniques fuse together.

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